Workforce Preparation

Preparation and Skills for Success

Think of Workforce Preparation as a giant safety net for students, who may not know what success looks or feels like.

We have a tradition of helping nontraditional students succeed in getting the skills they need to be successful in school, on the job and in life.

We know it’s not easy for many students who are juggling the demands of work, school and family while trying to pursue an education. Some lack the support of family and friends.  Others lack the basic necessities of food and shelter.

But regardless of their background, we have the educational and community resources to prepare them for meaningful, stable and financially rewarding employment so they can support themselves and their families in the future.

Thanks to a grant from the  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation RCCD is partnering with the City of Riverside and the Riverside and Alvord unified school districts to insure that students, ages 16 to 26, graduate from high school ready for college and that they have the skills they need to earn a two- or four-year college degree or a Career and Technical education certificate that allows them to go immediately into a decent job.

As part of the Completion Counts initiative, we are in the process of creating a Welcome Center on the Riverside City College campus that will be open and inviting to all students and where trained staff will share with students the various opportunities available at RCCD.

From this hub, a web-based public information function called College 311 will serve as a comprehensive resource for the city’s network of educational, social and community service providers

Workforce Preparation also offers programs specifically designed for CalWORKS recipients, licensed foster parents, dropouts, emancipated and at-risk youth.

Staff members include specialists in academic counseling, financial aid, career development, job placement and child development.

Our services include:

  • Workforce Preparation Skills classes
  • Student Employment
  • Career and academic counseling
  • Educational and occupational assessments
  • Job placement
  • Parenting and wellness resources


Workforce Preparation

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