Student Health and Psychological Services
It’s hard to stay focused on your studies when you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, stress or addiction. Our licensed therapists are here to help you. Make an appointment today.  
womens health
Women face a host of illnesses and health issues including: breast and cervical cancer, eating disorders, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Click here for more information.
Students who embrace wellness are going to be happier and more successful in school, on the job and in their personal lives. Click here to find out how.
medical Career
Medical careers are among the fastest growing in the region. Click here to find out about RCCD's medical career programs.
mens health
We offer a range of services for men including smoking cessation, alcohol and substance abuse counseling,  testicular exams, HIV screening and free condoms. Click here to find out more.
Want to learn more about certain conditions and diseases and what you can do to control or prevent them? Click here.